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AppliTech was founded in 1987 to provide its clients technical capabilities of unique depth and diversity. We specializing in hardware and software design for small computer and consumer product. AppliTech provides full engineering support, including specification writing, analysis, application software, embedded firmware, analog and digital circuit design; as well as complete computer aided schematic capture, layout, fabrication, and testing.

Applied Technology Resources Inc. provides team support at any level, and project continuity that lasts the entire life of your program. Whether you need individual on-site engineering assistance or an engineering company to assume complete project responsibility we are here to help you.

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AppliTech Principals

Glen H. Humphrey – President.  Return to top Email Glen

Mr. Humphrey has extensive experience in hardware design, both analog and digital, as well as software development. His digital projects have included the use of FPGA's. Analog designs include Video applications, DC-DC power supplies (standard and specialty high voltage greater then 300 volts), disk drive read channel, battery operated consumer equipment and PLL systems. He has experience in the use of mixed mode simulation tools, such as PSPICE, for hardware design and system analysis. Software includes C, PASCAL, and BASIC. Mr. Humphrey is one of the founders of AppliTech and has a Bachelors degree in Mathematical Physics from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with additional academic education in software languages and electronics hardware design.

Barton L. Phillips   Return to top  Email Barton

Mr. Phillips has over thirty years of comprehensive experience in computer systems design and program management. His experience includes medical and banking, computer peripherals, automated manufacturing, test and measurement, high-end telecommunication, and distributed database systems. He has done many embedded designs including motor controllers, and servo positioning systems; ESDI, ST506, and SCSI disk controllers. He also has a broad communication and networking background with TCP/IP, NFS, ISDN, and ATM protocol software and hardware. Mr. Phillips has extensive high-level application software experience, and has designed word processors, assemblers, interpreters, compilers, and operating systems. He has many years of programming experience with MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Sun and AT&T UNIX, Mac OSX and Linux; as well as embedded operating environments. He is fluent in 'C', 'C++', Pascal, Visual Basic, and Assembly language, as well as most scripting languages like Perl, PHP and Python. Mr. Phillips received his Bachelors degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1964.

Alan Marcnak   Return to top  Email Allan

Mr. Marcinak began working for Applitec in 1998 and brings with him a wide range of experience in many fields. They include assisting in development of circuits and/or test equipment for industrial controls and liquid hydrocarbon measurement, electronic weight scale, instrumentation amplifiers for aerospace and military, medical equipment, servo positioning systems for disk and tape drives, and telecom equipment. These involved analog and digital design, assembly language programming, parts procurement, prototype construction, surface mount work, test, debug, documentation, and on-site equipment installation. Mr. Marcinak has a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

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