Applied Technology Resources, Inc.

Company References

Disney: Eric Davis
Designed custom ride control communication hardware as well as test equipment to support the life of the product.
Disney: Jody Gerstner
Designed custom ride control hardware and test equipment for several rides.
Pro Iris: Maria Cardenas
AppliTech did electronics design, PCB routing, Proto-type fabrication and assembly and check out as well as all the manufacturing test equipment for the iQ200 product.
We have continued to support manufacturing through the life of the product.
Miyachi Unitek: Kevin Gunning
Applitec designed the power sections for several captive discharge pulse welders and is named on the patent held by Unitek.
Applitec designed the power section for a linear welder as well.
Miyachi Unitek: Matthew Green
Applitec designed the electronics, PCB routing, Proto-type fabrication, assembly and initial production assembly for several Laser Welder control boards and interconnect systems.
Miyachi Unitek: Dave Cielinski
Applitec designed the electronics for Weld analysis hardware and Weld fixture controller.
Miyachi Unitek: Mark Rodighiero
Mark said "We've used Glen for advance switchmode and linear power subsystem design. Glen not only develops solid engineering solutions, but has the capacity to execute them from prototype to production-ready status." March 7, 2010.
Posey: Tam Huynh
Applitec supplied consulting services, product failure analysis reports and component evaluation and analysis. We built and used several automated test fixtures to perform life tests on components.